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Joint success is sweeter

smatrix opens up many possibilities - for you, for us. That's why we are always developing. For example, by fostering cooperation in terms of know-how, hardware and development and by entering into new partnerships. Ultimately, we have one goal in mind: to always offer the best product.

What kind of cooperation?

We are convinced that everyone can contribute to making voice-supported data collection even better. Wherever the overlap may be: the latest headset or tablet, virtual reality, a shared knowledge base, accompanying a bachelor thesis or supporting a research project – no idea is too far-fetched for us. Let's talk about it!

Scientifically established

When it comes to mobile data collection, smatrix users are particularly impressed with the time savings they can make. The Belgian researcher Stien Van den Corput substantiates this aspect in her bachelor thesis in the field of agro- and biotechnology. Moreover, everyone can work more effectively, since the trial data can be collected by one person rather than two. As always, we are incorporating these findings into our future development.

Is your hardware the future?

Software is our business. We are happy to leave the associated hardware to you. From Juniper Mesa and Panasonic tablets to Poly headsets, we love to work with the best. We're always interested to know if you have a product that perfectly complements smatrix. So don't hesitate to present your solution to us – we will be happy to pass on the recommendation.

We don't stand still

For years we have been working with the strongest global players. For example in agroscience, to constantly adapt smatrix to local conditions and changing requirements. This has led to new functions and a continuous development of the software. In the same spirit, we always keep in close contact with our users, whose expertise helps us to bring smatrix the next step forward. As you can see, your opinion and experience are vital to us.

Collaborations & partnerships

Know-how, research and teaching

With smatrix education, we support educational institutions, company training schemes and others with the latest language assistance technology as part of their digitalization strategy. In this way, students and trainees learn directly how to use state-of-the-art technology, which also benefits future employers. At the same time, we gain a wealth of knowledge from the use of smatrix in research and teaching. That's why we are happy to support your teaching and learning, and why we also support scientific papers and studies.

Benefits of smatrix education

See for yourself what smatrix education can do for you:

For research purposes at colleges and universities

  • Research assistants/doctoral candidates
  • Use of smatrix over an extended period:
    • Doctorate of 3+ years
    • Permanent employees
  • Employees who finance their research equipment through project funds/other sources
  • NGOs generally free of charge upon verification

For teaching purposes at colleges, universities and other educational institutions

FREE use of smatrix (Android & Windows) for a defined period:

  • Students (bachelor/diploma/master) and trainees (e.g. technical agricultural research assistants)
  • Use of smatrix for a shorter period:
    • Final thesis (1-2 semesters)
    • Modules/apprenticeship/training
  • Upon proof of studies (certificate of enrolment) or confirmation of use exclusively in apprenticeship/training
Contact person

Always there for you.

Sebastian Esser
Head of Sales & Consulting

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