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smatrix by dawin®
As simple as dictation
smatrix is the first language assistance software for data collection by voice. Intuitive. Secure. Efficient.
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Smart voice assistant for your data collection

smatrix is a unique voice recognition software that enables mobile and electronic data collection by voice alone. In doing so, smatrix works completely offline and guides the user through the trial sheet in a voice dialog, leaving hands and eyes free. 

smatrix is used for structured data collection in research trials and agricultural field trials in plant protection, phenotyping in seeds and plant breeding. Thus, smatrix helps in the research and developement of active ingredients such as fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, biostimulants as well as new plant and seed varieties.

smatrix is for everyone. Wherever large amounts of data need to be collected. It's there to increase productivity and yields, to make work easier. So, when will you also optimize your data collection? Talk to us.

scientifically proven: smatrix is up to 92% faster compared to conventional methods of data collection

Stien Van den Corput
Quality software from germany
Top rating in Google Play Store
Top rating in Google Play Store
In action in 55 countries
In action in 55 countries
Over 25 years of software developement
Over 25 years of software developement
Innovation award IT 2018
Innovation award IT 2018
Data security during data acquisition
Data protection & security on focus
smatrix agroscience
How does smart data collection sound?
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Why should you use smatrix in your industry?

Benefits of digital data collection

  • Hands and eyes free for data collection,
  • large time and cost savings,
  • easy to learn and quick to put to use and
  • data security through offline operation.

These are just a few of the many benefits that the voice-supported software smatrix can offer you.



The new standard: data collection 4.0

Designed to make work easier: this is data collection by voice. All you need for professional data collection is a headset with a microphone - plus your voice, of course.
Data collection and navigation by voice
Many languages available – DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, PT & more!
Offline operation ensures data security
Can be adapted to individual needs
Can be adapted to individual needs
Data validation to prevent errors
Data validation to prevent errors
Speech recognition with extremely high accuracy
Speech recognition with extremely high accuracy
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smatrix by dawin®


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You can test smatrix free of charge for 30 days in advance. You can download the Android version directly from the Google Play Store. The Windows version, including free online instruction, can be requested simply by e-mail.
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Sebastian Esser
Head of Sales & Consulting

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