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BASF revolutionizes plant research

Cutting-edge active ingredient research by voice: for many years, BASF SE was looking for ways to record data more easily and efficiently. And has found smatrix.

Speech-supported data recording for BASF plant tests

BASF invests annually over 300 million € in research in agricultural products alone. But developing new, innovative products is not just cost intensive, but time-intensive, too. BASF counts on a development period of up to 10 years for a marketable product, without having a guaranteed return on investment from its research.

It’s therefore easy to understand why quality management has a high priority for research at BASF. Another team of leading scientists, the latest technologies and analysis techniques such as computer-controlled molecular modelling, genetic profile creation and mass spectrometry as well as continuous checking and improvement of research processes ensure that BASF today has the most modern product portfolio in plant protection research.

The number of professional applications is unlimited.

Dr. rer. Nat. Dirk Nordwig
Senior Consultant dawin gmbh

Many processes, in particular monitoring and documenting field tests, can only be slightly automated. Bonitation - or the assessment and recording - of the effects of test substances on plants and pests can only be carried out by specialist personnel. This bonitation process is often carried out on large stocks of plants in greenhouses or on test areas in open beds. In addition to carefully visually inspecting and measuring the plants, the tester must systematically classify results and meticulously record them immediately. In extreme cases, if the test results are incorrectly recorded, the research project can fail.

BASF SE in Limburgerhof has therefore been looking for a long time for opportunities to improve the bonitation data recording process, and increase quality assurance.

No more field data collection without smatrix

smatrix has already made a first target group more successful in the crop science sector: plant breeding, trials of varieties and active substances or performance testing – in classical field trials, humans soon come up against their natural limits. Simply put, we only have two hands. As a result, the assessment process is constantly being interrupted. But it doesn't have to be that way. Ready for action anytime, anywhere. The features in focus.


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