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Designed to make work easier

Would you have imagined that language could one day complete the majority of our workload? Without sacrificing quality, in fact while increasing efficiency and focus? We did. That's why smatrix exists. The language assistance software adapts to your voice, pronunciation and working method to control data collection and navigation. The data you collect is transferred directly into a table. So you have fewer tasks to think about. See for yourself: the 10 benefits of smatrix.

smatrix gets along with everyone

Data collection via voice is simple and intuitive. Above all, it's easy to put into practice.

smatrix agroscience for Android

No frills. To the point. Intuitive. Straightforward. But never simplistic - that's smatrix agroscience for Android. Ideal for smaller organizations that want to use low-cost devices. The data is entered into a dedicated table, but can easily be exported to Excel if required.

And what can language do for you? 10 benefits of smatrix

For technical systems to fulfill their purpose, they must make work demonstrably simpler. That's why smatrix is a flexible solution that can handle any application area and any table structure. After all, workflows vary from customer to customer.

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smatrix is a concrete, practical tool in the discussion of an innovation-driven future. It is ideal for breaking down inhibitions and making the benefits of digital technologies directly tangible.

Jochen Stenglein, Senior Software Developer
dawin® gmbh

In 12 languages and accents

Developed to make life easy

smatrix is already being used successfully in more than 40 countries. And it's no wonder, because data collection by voice is extremely simple. Developed in cooperation with experienced users, smatrix can be individually adapted to any industry and any customer requirement.

Cutting-edge active ingredient research by voice: for many years, BASF SE was looking for ways to record data more easily and efficiently.


Teaching for tomorrow's world: colleges, universities and educational institutions must look to modern technology to shape the future.

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