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smatrix agroscience for Android

With the release of the Android version of smatrix agroscience, beginning of 2020, it is becoming increasing popular with users all over the world due to its ease of use.

Mobile. Easy. Yet never simplistic: with the intuitively, userfriendly Android version of smatrix you can do the field trail directly in its own table, independently of Excel. The application is extremely flexible and designed for lean workflow processes.

Subscriptions and prices

smatrix agroscience for Android

Your subscription – your choice

More time, less frustration: smatrix makes your data collection more secure and more efficient. For complete flexibility, we offer subscriptions for Windows or Android. And in any case, you can always test smatrix free of charge for 30 days before you make your choice.
30 Days Trial License

Our 30 days test license is available to all interested users, who would like to familiarize themselves with all features of smatrix agroscience for Android before subscribing.

6 months

Our 6 months subscription offers you full access to all features of smatrix agroscience for Android and to our comprehensive services, which are already included in the subscription fee.

12 months

Our 12 months subscription offers you the best price-performance ratio. Just like our 6 months subscription, it gives you full access to all features of smatrix agroscience for Android and to our comprehensive services, which are already included in the subscription fee.


Get ready – packed with features

As a smatrix for Android subscriber, you not only benefit from optimized data collection, you also receive comprehensive support and exclusive features.

The following services are included:

  • German and English manual
  • Unlimited access to all available languages for speech recognition and output.
    More details about the available languages can be found in our FAQ.
  • Access to the latest features through regular updates and upgrades
  • Expert support via email (support(at)smatrix.systems)
  • Participation in a German or an English online training with explanation of the most important features, assistance in mapping trial structures and valuable tips and tricks

System requirements: Android 8 or higher

Additional services such as online training courses especially for you or faster and extended support via a telephone hotline are available separately for booking.

smatrix speaks more than just Excel

smatrix for Android places your collected data in a grid that can be individually adapted to each trial, without relying on Excel format. Once the trial is complete, all the data can be exported, sent and processed as CSV or Excel files.

So simple, so individual

Field trial set-up involves up to three stages – you can freely choose the names and numbers of the trial units. The next step is to define the traits to be recorded. You decide how to access the traits by voice command and what acoustic feedback you would like from smatrix. The value ranges of the traits can also be selected to suit your requirements - from grades (0-9) to percentages (0.00-100.00) and dates (dd/mm/yyyy).

It's all under control with smatrix

  • Manual smatrix agroscience for Android (EN)

    8 MB
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