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Hands and eyes free for the essentials

Digital data collection
Developed to make life easy: Would you have imagined that language could one day complete the majority of our workload? Without sacrificing quality, in fact while increasing efficiency and focus? We did. That's why smatrix exists. The language assistance software adapts to your voice, pronunciation and working method to control data collection and navigation. The data you collect is transferred directly into a table. So you have fewer tasks to think about.

Digital data collection via voice

1. Hands and eyes free for the essentials

Thanks to a reliable voice dialogue with smatrix, you are always informed about your current position in the trial. This eliminates the tiresome switching of focus between the trial object and data collection. So when working with smatrix, your hands and eyes remain free for the assessment and simultaneous data collection.

2. Large time and cost savings

Users have reported up to 4 times faster data collection, depending on the type of trial conducted. Moreover, a second person who might have the task of noting or recording the data assessed by their colleague can be deployed more effectively in future.

3. Easy to learn and quick to put to use

With its 'Command & Control' function, smatrix has standard commands for data entry and navigation by voice. These are so quick to learn that you will be up and running with smatrix in no time.

Voice recognition - this also works offline! Your data remains local

4. Offline operation ensures data security

Working offline keeps your data safe. Since data collection and speech recognition are performed locally on the device, no data is processed in the cloud. Your data is also stored exclusively on your device.

5. Can recognise unique terminology

To enable offline speech recognition, smatrix can be provided with specialist vocabulary by any individual user. So you can always call things by their proper name.

6. Data available immediately in digital form

Compared to pen and paper, smatrix offers the distinct advantage that nothing needs to be separately digitized after the data collection. There is no need to type out or transfer any data, as they are immediately available to you in digital form and for any subsequent processing.

Smart data collection: simple, precise, without mistakes.

7. Speech recognition in your mother tongue

The basis for any speech recognition software is your mother tongue. To enable you to record data as easily and efficiently as possible in your native language, we already offer a large selection of languages for use with smatrix.

8. No problems with accents or dialects

Because you use 'your' smatrix with your own voice right from the start, the recognition adapts to your pronunciation, which means it can also handle accents or dialects.

9. Precise speech recognition for use in the field

The symbiosis of smatrix and a suitable headset enables smatrix to cope with wind and background noise, even in harsh environments.

10. Data validation to prevent errors

There are a number of options to alert you if cells with no data are present during data collection. In addition, an error message is displayed as soon as values are spoken that do not fall within the value range you have defined.

What have other users achieved?

By using smatrix, many users have been able to:

  • increase their data collection by up to 90%,
  • thus doubling production,
  • achieve significant time savings,
  • save on personnel or deploy them differently,
  • and make their work processes much simpler and more efficient.

If you want to be personally won over by smatrix, you can easily book an appointment for an individual consultation in our calendar.

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