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smatrix agroscience – smart data collection

As simple as dictation: that’s smatrix. Created to improve field trials. And to make work easier – in the field, in the lab, in the greenhouse.

Whether plant breeding, trials of varieties and active substances or performance testing – classic field trials rely on experienced specialists examining and evaluating relevant plant traits for subsequent analysis and processing. This is where dawin offers practical support – with smatrix, the complete solution for voice-supported data collection.

Now my work is simply and nice. I can do my assessments faster.

Norbert H.

smatrix listens to your voice  

Spoken data is dictated directly into a digital table. Navigation is also performed entirely by voice commands, which makes slipping between rows in the table and subsequent corrections a thing of the past.

Best of all, you can design your own field trial dialogue at any time and adapt it to your voice, pronunciation and working method. Simply select one of the preconfigured languages and, if you wish, follow a software tutorial. It's that easy.

smatrix frees your senses

As anyone familiar with field trials knows, having to constantly switch focus is only one of the ways your concentration can be broken. Glaring sunshine, wind and rain are a few more factors that can complicate data collection using paper or a display.

With smatrix, your hands and eyes are finally free to concentrate on the essentials. You gain the security of being able to fully dedicate all your senses to the professional assessment of the test object – with no need to switch between the object and your clipboard, writing pad or tablet. What remains is an ideal setting for error-free, focused work.

smatrix features
smatrix listens to your voice
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Flexible and robust – in every situation

  • Plant protection products
  • Plant and seed breeding
  • Fertilizers
  • Ecotoxology
  • Contract research & contractors
  • Research facilities & institutes
  • Universities & (technical) colleges
  • Chambers of agriculture & federal authorities

How do I set up smatrix?

Data collection by voice is simple. Above all, it is effortless to set up: smatrix is configured intuitively via touch display and you can even make adjustments during your field trial. The key element is always operating and navigating the software with your own voice. If you also have a headset such as USB type C with noise suppression, you're ready to start voice-controlled data collection.

In general plant protection trials: smatrix is 63 % faster than paper and 23 % faster than other industry-standards solutions.

Stien Van den Corput
State-of-the-art field trials
Voice-controlled data collection brings a wealth of exciting features: smatrix takes modern working methods to the next level, boosting efficiency and meeting…
Discover features
Data collection and navigation by voice
Many languages available – DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, PT & more!
Offline operation ensures data security
Can be adapted to individual needs
Can be adapted to individual needs
Data validation to prevent errors
Data validation to prevent errors
Speech recognition with extremely high accuracy
Speech recognition with extremely high accuracy

In fungicide trials smatrix is 45 % faster than paper and 7 % faster than other industry-standards solutions.

Stien Van den Corput



Cutting-edge active ingredient research by voice: for many years, BASF SE was looking for ways to record data more easily and efficiently.


Teaching for tomorrow's world: colleges, universities and educational institutions must look to modern technology to shape the future.

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