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smatrix glossary

Via voice: speech recognition software

As easy as dictation: data collection via voice, with voice assistance software.

What can speech recognition software do?

Speech recognition software digitizes the spoken word on a screen into text or control commands. Our smatrix software uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology, and the spoken text appears on the screen immediately after the voice input is completed.

Data collection is simple and intuitive, but most importantly, effortless: Our smatrix voice assistance software adapts to your voice, pronunciation and work style to control data collection and navigation.

Convert speech to text

smatrix is a unique voice recognition software that enables mobile and electronic data collection by voice alone. Your data is transferred directly into a spreadsheet. You only need a suitable headset with microphone for voice recognition. The software does the rest for you. Even in noisy environments, speech recognition is possible with high accuracy.

The software works completely offline, your data remains secure, locally on the device (voice recognition locally). Its use is thus possible from anywhere. You do not need Internet access for mobile data collection via voice

Comparison to other data collection software and apps

The speech recognition in smatrix supports fixed commands that can be used in the assessment. The best way to familiarize
yourself with theses commands is to carry out the Speech Tutorial directly in our app. The functionality of the individual commands is illustrated using brief explanations and voice interactions.

The Speech Tutorial can be found in our app under Settings > Help > Speech Tutorial.

We recommend all users to complete the entire Speech Tutorial once. If you only want to repeat a single chapter later on, you can select it directly from the overview.

smatrix - as easy as dictation

The range of data collection software is large. smatrix offers convincing advantages that can take a lot of the work off your hands. Smart data collection via voice keeps your hands and eyes free, so you can focus on what's important in your work.

  • smatrix is the voice assistance software for data collection via voice that works completely offline.
  • All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop and a headset.
  • smatrix listens to your voice. Not only does it enter the spoken data directly into your spreadsheet, you also navigate through your experiment using only voice.
  • There is no need to change focus, making the data collection process much more efficient.
  • smatrix allows you to concentrate fully on your work, as no manual operation is necessary.


What features are available with smatrix and what variants are available?

Depending on the area of use and requirement profile, smatrix is available as a Windows or Android variant. You can find out all about the most important features here:


Data collection and control via speech using dictation software can make work much easier. You no longer have to type each word individually, thus eliminating the annoying change of focus between test object and data collection.

Test now and convince yourself

You can test smatrix free of charge and without obligation for 30 days in advance.

Download the Android version directly from the Google Play Store. 

You can request the Windows version, including free online instruction, simply by e-mail.

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