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smatrix agroscience for Android 2.4 & 2.4.1 – That´s new:

Much more new possibilities in trial management: JSON becomes DCI, seamless integration of smatrix into in-house system landscape, improved connection of Bluetooth devices and much more...

New update - new features!

smatrix agroscience for Android 2.4 & 2.4.1 - this is new:

JSON becomes DCI 

Already with release 2.4 we have changed the file format .JSON known from our interface to .DCI. This makes it easier for users to connect between our interface called DCI and the file format that now has the same name. All information previously contained in the .JSON file is still included as is, allowing for smooth file exchange via the DCI interface. 

Seamless integration of smatrix into company's own system landscape

In addition to the manufacturers of trial management software, a leading global agricultural company has recognized the advantages in the interaction between smatrix and DCI and integrated the functionality into its own system landscape. This now enables this customer's users to seamlessly transfer files from their own trial management system, via voice-supported data recording in smatrix, back to the trial management system, where further processing of the recorded data then takes place. 

Improved connection of Bluetooth devices

smatrix users already know it: in addition to wired headsets, it is also possible to use an Android smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth headsets for smatrix. How well the connection between a device and a headset works is unfortunately not in our hands. Nevertheless, we have been able to implement some improvements in smatrix that improve the use of Bluetooth headsets in general.

Favorite language in voice selection list 

The language selection list is no longer sorted alphabetically. An already installed language is now displayed as a favorite at the top of the selection list, so that scrolling through the list is no longer necessary. If multiple languages are selected, they are all displayed at the top as favorites.

Usage for Android 13  

The new Android 13 has been available since late summer 2022. To ensure a smooth use of smatrix under the new system requirements, there were some adjustments we had to make sure. So nothing stands in your way of using smatrix on a device with Android 13.

You can find more details about the new features in the manual.

Apart from the new features, we also ensure the elimination of bugs and problems with regular improvements. Stay up to date and download the latest version 2.4.1 of smatrix agroscience for Android directly from GooglePlayStore.


How can we further adapt smatrix to your individual needs? We would be happy to receive your suggestions at info(at)smatrix.systems.

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