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New interfaces enable data exchange for research trials

Data exchange in plant trials
smatrix Android release 2.0 - new year, new smatrix version with even more options for data exchange:

The newly developed interfaces for smatrix agroscience for Android now enable a file-based transfer of research trials and assessments for a voice-supported data collection with smatrix.
smatrix Android Release 2.0

Flexible data exchange in research trials

Last year, our top priority was to make the workflow for planning, collecting and evaluating field trials even easier and to optimize it by ensuring a flexible data exchange during the assessment. This creates new connections, new possibilities and saves the user precious time.

Import & export of trial structures

Our latest releaseof smatrix agroscience for Android 2.0 offers you new possibilities in managing the data collection. With the import and export of trial assessments from one device to another, you can now centrally configure the trials and forward them on to your colleagues. This eliminates the need for configuration of the same experiment on each device before collecting data.

Test it now and convince yourself

You can test smatrix free of charge and without obligation for 30 days in advance.

Download the Android version directly from the Google Play Store. 

How does the new data exchange feature work?

Our new version of smatrix agroscience for Android 2.0 includes the interface feature. Thanks to this newly developed interface "DCI" (Data Collection Interface), you can easily import assessments or forward them to other users now. The graphic above shows how it works.

The data transfer works with a file-based exchange of a JSON file. That includes the trial structure, traits, value ranges and pronunciations of all terms.

More information about the interface can also be found in our smatrix agroscience for Android manual and in our FAQ.


FAQ smatrix for Android

Other exciting innovations for 2022

We are also working on further exciting innovations for 2022. We did not develop our new DCI interface on our own, but were actively supported by leading providers of trial management software (TMS). They have also seen the need to establish standards for data exchange formats based on a generic interface.

In the course of the year, new versions of smatrix will be released. Those will include the connection of smatrix to various trial management systems, thus a direct data exchange will be possible here as well. 

Please contact us to find out which interfaces we are planning and we are keen to know which software you use for planning, managing and evaluating experiments.

When will you simplify your work?

Get in touch with us to learn more about the advantages of smatrix. Just book an appointment in our calendar and get free personal consultation.


State-of-the-art field trials
Voice-controlled data collection brings a wealth of exciting features: smatrix takes modern working methods to the next level, boosting efficiency and meeting…
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Data collection and navigation by voice
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Can be adapted to individual needs
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Speech recognition with extremely high accuracy
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